About Us

Work With Our Team of Construction Experts

CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC is a family-owned company that offers a full range of construction services. With more than 17 years of experience, you can rely on us to provide you with stellar services, from design-builds to construction management.

Our History

In April 2002, Cheryl Willis and John C. Willis Jr. established CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC in Warner Robins, GA. Our family-owned business has grown to be a resounding success story for the past 17 years. We owe this to the professional relationships we have formed with our clients. CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC has performed construction projects all throughout the United States.


CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC is committed to building a strong future and we strive to be recognized as a premier contractor. We do this by building professional relationships with our clients and by delivering projects beyond their expectations.

Our team’s approach is what allows us to efficiently complete jobs on time and on budget, while still maintaining the highest quality of work. We achieve this through our commitment to raising industry standards in job site safety, quality assurance, and training.


By assembling the most experienced and professional construction team, we aim to become a leader in our industry.

What Makes Us Different

CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC consists of some of the leading experts in the construction industry. Our dedicated and highly experienced associates are committed to building the future of our company. Aside from this, we make it easier for you to complete your projects construction projects quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. You can rely on us to produce great results every time.

Our Core Values

We believe that upholding a set of values is the key to a company’s success. In order to provide our customers with safe and exceptional work, we ensure that each member of our team promotes the principles of our company. This also allows us to build a stronger future for our company.

Code of Ethics

When our employees are communicating with clients, business partners, government officials, or even each other, we expect them to act lawfully and with integrity. Everyone on our staff is required to comply with laws, rules, and regulations that apply to our line of work.

Unfair and deceptive business practices are strictly prohibited. Every member of our team must always conduct business openly and avoid any situation that might make our company seem as if we have made an agreement that improperly impacts industry prices or our competition.

Due to the nature of our business, we possess sensitive and confidential information about our clients, business partners, employees, and our company itself. Everyone on our staff has a duty to protect this information from being disclosed to the public unless it is authorized or within the law.


Our safety program is an integral part of our company’s culture. Not only is this a major factor in our success but it also contributes to our competitive edge.


We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. To ensure that we are creating quality projects, we establish clear roles and responsibilities within our team.


Our team always strives to improve the quality of our services. This is why we continually improve our training, tools, and processes.


CMS Construction and Management Services, LLC consistently does whatever is in our clients’ best interest. We do this by following our company’s values, methods, and principles based on mutual trust.

We Self Preform

Our company will provide the necessary work with our own skilled labor force, in-house management allows us to meet deadlines on time within budget.


We are committed to becoming a leading construction company in the industry. To achieve this goal and exceed client expectations, we always work to improve our skills as well as increase our resources and expand our team.